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About This Site

So, why did I decide to build a Web site for our class?

I had been thinking about it for a few years.  It didn't appear that there was any central place where our class could go for information on reunions and other events.  There are many sites doing this type of thing generically, but it didn't look like there was anywhere out there where a large number of us had posted information - a common denominator, so-to-speak.  Then something occurred that re-kindled this desire in my heart.  I learned that Perky had passed away and it had been over a year past.  I had tried calling her only a month or so before learning about her passing and her voice was still on their answering machine.  Not knowing she was gone, I left a message.  It was later that I learned what had happened.

Not long after that, I decided to revisit the idea of a Web site and called Barb Kroyer (Friedges) to ask her if she or anyone she still keeps in contact with had seen anything already existing online.  She hadn't, so I decided to start something.

I look forward to hearing from whoever is interested in building this and am interested in your thoughts.

Site Status and Upcoming Changes

I would like to add a chat room or a forum of some kind at some point, but haven't figured out how to do that yet.

The Profiles section is still pretty low on information - but at least all classmates are represented there.  Currently, our graduation pictures and what info I have from past reunions are in here.  Years for marriages and the birth of children were calculated based on information in the document from our 15-year reunion.  It's pretty likely that a number of these will be incorrect, so please let me know where I have made errors.  Where I didn't have a senior picture, a junior picture was used (I scanned all our senior pictures from the year book and not everyone had a picture in there).  Where a junior picture is used, this is noted.  Even then, there were no pictures for 3 classmates.  The 1st Communion pictures were scanned from a class picture from when a number of us were at St. Michael's school.  These were so cute I couldn't resist including them in the profiles.  We can make updates to this area at any time.

I'm hoping to learn from the rest of the class what they would like on here.  I would like this to be a central place for us to come for class information.  This should make it easier to find.  If you have a profile on another site, perhaps we can point to that profile from here.  We could also publish reunion information here.

About the site elements and design

As you can see, I tried to use as many elements as possible that were key elements of graduating from Prior Lake High School in 1972.  For visitors who may not be from our class, the left margin is based on the cover of our 1972 year book and the graphic at top left is a scan of the cover.  The graphic at top right was captured from our diplomas, and of course the tassel from our graduation caps is on the right.  The image in the middle of the page is an aerial view of Prior Lake.

Besides the school colors of blue and gold, I hope to also use our class colors of purple and white.