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Last update:  August 15, 2017

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Welcome Class of 1972

Our 45-year reunion was a great time - even saw some folks that we hadn't seen in a while.  As I get pictures from folks these will be posted.  Check out the Reunions page from time to time to see what's there.  Meanwhile, you can still find pictures of our 40-year reunion here, and I will leave them up as long as we have space to store them..

A benefit of being our age ... The federal parks system is offering a lifetime senior pass to everyone 62 or older, good for all national parks, monuments, etc. (over 2000 loations), for $10 (if you pick it up at a national park) - not a one year pass or seasonal pass - LIFETIME.  It is expected to be raised to $80 on Aug 28, 2017.  Get one while they last.  They can be ordered online for $20.

This Web site is dedicated to Prior Lake High School class of 1972, with special dedication to those alumni who have passed on.  If you are curious as to why I decided to do this, see the About This Site page.  Site status and information about upcoming updates can also be found there.

We're still looking for profile updates.  Keep them coming.

The 'Links' page includes links to other PLHS class Web sites.  Currently, the class of '73 site is in there.  The 'Events' page was added in 2009.

I have put my contact information in the Contacts page.





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